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Magnetically- YOUR Movies

We make it easy to pick a movie without all the work, FREE!

Sooo EASY! just watch a movie, then rate it, so that your next picks will more closely match your likes!

In fact, just click the "Get Recommendations", and start watching and rating movies immediately!

The more you use and rate, the better the selections get... like a MAGNET... constantly attracting and repelling, based on what it knows so far.

Free yourself from the watching the movies the big guys want you to watch. We base picks strictly on how similar your likes (and dislikes) are to other users'  likes (and dislikes)... no politics!

Use the Signup option above to join in the fun!

PLEASE use the feedback form for ANY tips, likes, etc! (The feedback form is right on the Dashboard in the app)

Ver: 1.67c/22jun05